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As a team of dedicated educational and therapeutic professionals, our vision is to create a nurturing and well-guided environment in which each child’s unique educational needs can be attended to.


Program offered by Edu-Play Early Learning Centre

Edu-Play Early Learning Centre creates an individualised curriculum around each child’s specific needs. The child-centred, dual medium program (presented in both English and Afrikaans) is tailored around each learner’s individual needs, to combat specific learning barriers and optimise strengths. A comprehensive assessment protocol allows us to identify a functional learning approach which is both dynamic and achievable for each learner and which, at all times, focuses on the child’s developmental and emotional/psychological wellbeing as well.

ASDAN Program

Program offered by Edu-Play Early Learning Centre

ASDAN is a pioneering curriculum development organisation and awarding body, offering programs and qualifications that explicitly grow skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. Developed and managed by practitioners, ASDAN grew out of research work at the University of the West of England in the 1980s. At the beginning of 2017, Edu-Play Early Learning Centre become one of just a handful of registered Asdan Centres in the Western Cape. The Asdan Program offers a wide choice of activity-based curriculums which provide flexible and imaginative ways of developing, recording and certificating the student’s personal achievements while focusing on developing practical life skills through :


Engaging, motivating and rewarding learners


Making learning relevant and transferable


Supporting a range of learning approaches and contexts


Promoting active learning and willingness to learn


Celebrating the diversity of multi-talented young people

Specialist Curriculum

The continuity and revision-orientated program also includes topics such as social and emotional development, body and spatial awareness, gross and fine motor planning, perceptual motor skills, daily-living skills and creative tasks into its academic structure.

Class Organization

Where possible, our learners are placed in age-orientated classes, however, each child’s developmental and unique learning needs are also taken into consideration in order to provide a fully inclusive environment which will encourage each learner to reach their full potential. There is a qualified class teacher (SACE REGISTERED), as well as a teacher’s assistant, assigned to each class and at no time will the number of learners in any class exceed more than eight.


Dedicated team of
educational and therapeutic professionals

A welcoming, caring environment for your child


The class is served by a qualified class teacher (SACE REGISTERED) as well as a teacher’s assistant with a maximum of eighth learners per class.


We provide education to learners experiencing barriers to learning to the highest possible standard, by means of an Individualised Education and Development Plan(IEDP)

Lifelong Learning

We want to promote the social inclusion of all learners and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life as pertinent to the circumstances of learners with specific educational needs and help them gain access to the notion of continuing, lifelong learning.


We ensure that the organisation of the Centre will enable good standard specific educational needs provision accessibility to the learners.



We offer a welcoming, caring environment for children with specific educational needs (SEN) through therapeutic and educational methods.


Edu–Play Family Centre offers therapeutic tutoring services on–site at the Centre


We want to develop as a centre of excellence in the education, care and therapeutic treatment of learners with special educational needs and facilitate effective partnerships working with other key role players in the field of specific educational needs and disability and help promote the notion of service accountability and quality assurance across the range of specialist provision.


Learners each have their own specific needs and educational barriers, therefore determining priorities for support, intervention, assessment and monitoring.

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